10 Interesting Ideas for Your Home Photo

With animals

Where without them! By the way, pets willingly pose for a photographer. It is impossible to sit them down (to lay them down) in a point of location, making them freeze waiting for the camera shutter to click, but “catching the moment” is not so difficult.

Dogs, cats, by the way, are quite photogenic, as evidenced by real photos of their owners with their pets. Praise the dog or cat, give him a favorite treat, and he will do whatever you want.

Black and white pictures

Such photos have a special, unique magic. Sometimes color distracts, prevents you from seeing the mood of the photo.

Portrait in black and white tones are naked emotions, inner state conveyed by mimics, gaze, subtle details.

Qualitative shots are obtained by careful work with light, but the game is worth a candle.


The holiday was over, and there’s still props? It’s a great idea for a fun photo shoot using holiday paraphernalia. Don’t lose the good!

We put on funny hats, masks, false beards and mustaches and start fooling around. Throw balloons to the ceiling, hug, have fun. A lot of different emotions: sincere smiles neighbor with joy, trembling, excitement, pleasure, delight. We will not be stingy on display of feelings!

Dark Style

You’ve probably seen the photos of the heroes being shot against the background of mysterious ruins, in dark cellars, strange empty spaces.

A home photo shoot also gives you the opportunity to show yourself from an unexpected side. A professional photographer knows how to place light correctly to reflect the most important, conceptual details: a face, a spectacular accessory or an object.

You’ll have to show off your acting talents: play on camera drama, internal tension. You are sure to succeed!

With flowers

Nothing highlights a woman’s beauty, tenderness, refinement like flowers. No diamond crown or tiara can match a wreath of fresh flowers. Lush exotic floral arrangements in baskets, a bouquet of daisies or one of the elegant roses on a long stem – in each case different notes of your essence will play.

It is not necessary to rent an expensive bouquet for the day of shooting – use original potted or artificial flowers (modern products in the photo will not differ from the living even an experienced florist).

In retro style

Do you want to return to the past for a moment, to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the last century and to capture this miracle on film? Look in your grandmother’s chest: you’ll probably find a small hat with a veil, a long thread of pearls, a rare brooch or (with luck!) a mouthpiece!

It is not necessary to put on everything at once – “collect” the image with knowledge, looking back at the canons of a long gone era, try to immerse yourself in the image.

Do not bother organizing a special interior: let it be a simple chair at an empty wall or window.

Grange style

Do you feel the spirit of rebellion and confrontation of standards lurking in you? A photo shoot in the Grange style will help you look at yourself from a different angle.

It’s a style that combines opposing things, objects. It’s dominated by provocation – there are no rules, norms, conventions. Ruptured sneakers, shapeless chlamydia instead of the usual clothes, dyed in poisonous green hair and a guitar in your hands … and, for a moment, at this moment you sit in your own bath. How’s that for a twist?

An important nuance: although the concept is chaotic, creating a Grange image requires good taste.

In vintage style

The ideal opportunity to diversify the album – to complement its photo in a vintage style. Include fantasy and “go back in time”! Courageously try on images of Hollywood wives of the last century, hippies or punks. You do not have to work on the appropriate interior: think through the image to the details (makeup, hairstyle, accessories, clothing) and play the selected role.

Your emotions, movements, facial expressions, energy – the key to successful shooting in vintage style.

In the style of LifeStyle

The most “live” photo shoot. Family members do ordinary things in their homes, talk, show emotions. The goal of the photographer is to capture the best moments in the process of natural behavior.

This is aerobatics – not to miss a beautiful moment that will never happen again. In part, such a photo shoot can be referred to as a reportage shoot, which is better to entrust a professional photographer.

Couple photo session

The form of clothing – free, makeup and hairstyle – at your discretion, feelings and emotions – sincere, real. Proximity of hugs is not as important as the correctly chosen pose. The most advantageous of them will tell you an experienced photographer.

Excellent pictures will turn out in the bedroom by the window, on a matrimonial bed or in a cozy chair by the fireplace.


As you can see, home photo session has certain advantages over the studio version. Home interiors, coziness will emphasize your strengths, bring your own unique charm. And most importantly, you have the opportunity to capture important moments in life that dissolve into everyday life.

It may seem that a home photo shoot is inferior to a studio shoot in a number of parameters. But there are certain positive things that can only be achieved with home photography and are absolutely unavailable in the studio. So you should not ask what kind of photo shoot is better. It all depends on your goal.

Down with stereotypes! In the studio you will find a diverse, but, alas, limited range of interiors, decor and images, mostly stereotypical. At home you are not limited in the choice of ideas by the imagination of the decorator – the designer of the studio.

Feel at home, not as at home. At home you are in your element, not on someone else’s territory, where there are unusual laws and rules. This means that you will be less constrained, freer in the manifestation of emotions, which is best reflected in the photographs.

The entire wardrobe is at your disposal. Rented suits in the photo studio or the things you have brought with you are not just a limitation on the number of images. No one else’s costume will ever sit on you as naturally as your own thing, familiar and dear. And brought with you things may need ironing, and the process of changing clothes in the studio takes a long time and is not the most comfortable procedure. At home, all clothes are at hand, you can change in minutes, it is easy to replace an inappropriate accessory, to complement the image of some unexpected element.

Perfect hairstyle and makeup. You do them just before the photo shoot, controlling the quality in the same light as you would take the picture. You don’t have to worry that they will lose their perfection on the way, or that there won’t be enough time in the studio to work on their looks. Home-shooting will also allow you to quickly change the makepack to suit your image.

Time works for you. Since you don’t spend so much time changing clothes and choosing your perspective, you’ll be able to take many more different photo choices. And you’ll get tired much less!


5 Ideas for a Home Photo Shoot

Why do people so often use the phrases “home-comfortable”, “home-cooked food”? Our home is a place where we feel good, and it’s also a bottomless reservoir of ideas for a home photo shoot. All you need is a professional photographer you trust, original scenarios for a photo shoot (it’s time to implement your old ideas!) and a positive attitude.

So, begin the preparation!
Features of the photo shoot at home

Have you noticed how many similar photo stories are found in social networks and open sources of Internet resources? It is unlikely that you will want to try on yourself “someone else’s dress” in the interiors of the photo studio, where you will be stiffened and squeezed. Houses and walls help!

Advantages of home photo shoot on your territory:

  • You can think over in advance and choose a suitable props – no need to be too wise, you can beat the usual handy things;
  • Freedom and liberation are key components of a successful photo shoot;
  • Not only your images in the photo, but also the atmosphere and spirit of your home will be preserved for a long time;
  • Realise your ambitions, reveal all facets of your individuality, so that decades later you can admire your courage and smile at the unique photos.

Don’t forget to tidy up your home the day before: get rid of anything superfluous or, conversely, dilute your interior with extra decor. Look at your home as if from the outside: where would you like to pose? A good angle, good light – a guarantee that your photos will turn out to be famous.

Feel free to give the photographer your wishes, your own ideas. This way you will have a real pleasure in the process of the photo shoot as well as in the final result.

How do I prepare for a photo shoot?

Like any responsible event, a photo shoot requires preliminary preparation. Following tricky rules, you will easily cope with the task.

  • Make-up:

    pay special attention to the skin! You do not want to look at the photo tired, with “bruises” under the eyes and oily shine on the skin? Use face matting products, but do not overdo it. For makeup, use a familiar set of products from your makeup bag or contact a professional make-up artist. Preferably a proven makeup artist. A “debut” make-up can be a bitter disappointment accompanied by the words of a master: “I can see you like this”.

  • Hair:

    light waves, curls with the effect of carelessness, shiny long hair – the ideal hairstyle for a young girl, a young woman. Do you have a short haircut? Beautiful! Slightly careless hairstyle will be just right – few people walk around the house with a nap, fixed for reliability hairspray. And remember – you should be comfortable, the camera will instantly catch the slightest discomfort.

  • Clothing & Shoes:

    A complete wardrobe revision a week before the shooting day is a great opportunity to prepare some bright, stylish images for the photo shoot. Courageously combine things, try them on in front of the mirror – spin, pose, experiment with the images. Believe me, amazing discoveries are waiting for you! Take out of mezzanine a wind hat, vintage silk gloves, grandmother’s crocodile skin reticule – all this can come in handy. And don’t forget high heels and comfortable underwear in size (ideally in body color).

  • The right mood:

    Try to get some sleep, avoid eating and drinking too much alcohol on the eve. Retaliation will be a swollen face, “wrinkled” appearance. Be sure to have breakfast – shooting can take a long time!

And now we charge up a good mood, inspiration, turn on all the charm, charm and start!

Ideas for a home photo shoot

One of the features of a home photo shoot is that you have a unique opportunity to express yourself in different images. In a familiar environment it is easier to relax, relax (especially for people who are shy and humble), to show your emotions and personality.

What can a diligent and diligent housewife look like? With a rock by the stove and a cute apron tied at the thin waist? But she’s already sat down to rest with an elegant tea cup in between, coquettishly throwing her foot up.

In the next photo the girl takes out gorgeous buns from the oven, in the third – serves a table for a romantic dinner, in the fourth – vacuuming diligently, effectively tying a bright kerchief with bouncy “ears”. And if the host wears a flirty dress or short shorts with a top … She will look charming!


You will be surprised, but the individual image is much more interesting, thinner reflects sensuality, love, inner feelings than in a duet with a partner.

Climb the window sill with your feet, warm the glass with your breath and draw a nice heart. Or lie down on the bed in a hug with your favorite teddy bear. Light candles, think of something nice – do not hide your emotions! The “warmer” your image, the more realistic you are in the photo.

Hair, make-up, clothes, accessories – the simplest, without claims. Your soul, feelings, inner world play a solo role.


Here it is, your “star hour” for the owner of a trim and slim figure! During a home photo shoot you can and should boast of excellent physical shape, sports talents!

Wear clothes that maximize all your charms: swimsuit, tennis skirt, shorts, tight top. As attributes we use any available equipment – dumbbells, ropes, balls.

By the way, if you have mastered the exercise “bar” or twine – it is time to demonstrate it!

With friends.

This is where you can walk! Play an impromptu bachelorette party, dance in front of the camera to an inflammatory melody, throw soap bubbles or “pillow fight” with feathers flying around the room.

The brighter, the more fun the idea is, the more interesting the photo will be. Act casual – fool around, jump, hug. Let your friendship be admired!

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